Jasna Čapo participated at the 30. Atelier du reseau FER-EURETHNO du Conseil de l’Europe (Aix-en-Provence-Marseille)

In the capacity of the Croatian representative in the network FER-EURETHNO of the European Council, the international network of francophone ethnologists (folklorists, cultural anthropologists), Jasna Čapo participated at the 30. Conference of the FER-EURETHNO network (8-10 Septembre 2016).

Entitled L’inventaire des fetes en Europe: Comparaisons et nouvelles methodes d’etude, the conference assembled about thirty participants from around ten European countries. It discussed historical and contemporary research into phenomena that have been variously named in different national ethnological and anthropological traditions: ‘customs’, ‘rituals’, ‘fetes’, ‘folklore’, ‘festivals’, ‘public events’ and alike.

Čapo gave a presentation on the changing paradigms of research in Croatia in the past hundred years, paying special attention to the way those phenomena are dealt with within the project Citymaking: space, culture, identity. Čapo has argued that the project has introduced an epistemological turn from classical ethnological studies of pre-defined public phenomena (like ‘customs’, ‘festivals’ and alike) to the study of diverse events in urban public spaces.

Full program on the link: marseille.

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