Jasna Čapo participated at the conference “Cities at Risk: From Humiliation to Dignity”

Čapo presented the research concept of the project Citymaking: space, culture, identity at the 27th Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies entitled Cities at Risk: From Humiliation to Dignity (Dubrovnik 18-25 September 2016). She established contact with a number of researchers and activists in urban contexts: among others, with Dr. Tom Borrup (University of Minnesota, USA), founder of Intermedia Arts (Minnesota) which has intitiated projects Creative CityMaking, whereby the city of Minneapolis is set as the stage of creative artistic production; with Dr. Bussakorn Binson (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok), founder and chair of Urban Research Plaza, who has been documenting Bangkok’s living local cultures; with Deeyah Kahn, author of documentary films on migrant topics, who participated in the roundtable on the role of immigrants in contemporary cities; with Francesca Lionetti, manager of Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe. The conference also discussed consequences of the Dubrovnik tourist boom on local residents.

More about conference here.

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