Laura Šakaja and Ivana Crljenko published an article in Etnološka tribina

Laura Šakaja and Ivana Crljenko published in Etnološka tribina Vol.47 No.40 an article titled: Peripheral City-Text. Street Names and Monuments in Dubrava (Zagreb) – a Semiotic Perspective.

In a semiotic sense, the city-text is a symbolic structure with complex social and communicative functions and codes that enable communication between the sender and the recipient of the message, i.e. between the public and its cultural tradition. The textual interpretation of all street names and monuments in a certain area is based on the common characteristics of the city and the written text: these are symbolic entities with fixed, i.e. objectified meanings; they represent the contexts in which they originated, and they are subject to different interpretations. This article explores the ways in which ideology is interwoven into the spatial-symbolic landscapes of the city. The city’s periphery, in this case Dubrava – which has a special axiological-symbolic organization – forms an opposition with the city centre (as the “most visible space”).

Full text in Croatian available here.

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