Laura Šakaja published the book “Uvod u kulturnu geografiju” (Introduction to Cultural Geography)

Laura Šakaja wrote the book “Introduction to Cultural Geography” (Uvod u kulturnu geografiju), which was published in September 2015. This book was printed within the collection “Introductions” (Uvodi ) by the publishing house Leykam International.

In this work, the author examines and describes the initial theories and the thematic framework of cultural geography, a sub-discipline which developed as a result of a spatial shift (turnover) in social sciences and a cultural shift in geography, positioned in recent decades within the sphere of interests of a number of social sciences. In the book’s “Introduction”, cultural geography is formulated as a geographic sub-discipline which investigates cultural landscapes and deals with relationships in regard to landscapes, places and spaces having human communities, in regard to the communities’ heritage and identity, and analyses symbolic means of production and the reproduction of these relations.

Details about the book can be read on this web page:

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