Petra Kelemen at the forum in Karlovac discussed festivals, public space, and international migrants

On 22 March 2018 Petra Kelemen was a guest at the forum “Polkaview” in Karlovac. The host was ethnologist and cultural anthropologist Tomislav Augustinčić. The topic of the first part of the conversation were festivals, and the relationship between festivals and space and festivals and identity. Špancirfest in Varaždin served as an example of festivals as important social and cultural phenomena. The second part of the conversation was dedicated to the research dealing with international migrants in Zagreb, which has been conducted by Jasna Čapo and Petra Kelemen in the frame of the “City-making” project.

The event was organised by the NGO Polka, platform KAoperativa and Croatian Ethnological Association.

Announcement of the event

The conversation is in written and adapted version available at the portal Aktiviraj Karlovac! (Activate Karlovac!)

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