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Predavanje prof. Peggy Levitt – Transnational social protection: setting the agenda

U okviru projekta „Stvaranje grada: prostor, kultura i identitet” i u suradnji s Platformom za mobilnost i međunarodnu suradnju etnologa i kulturnih antropologa – mobilnaEKA održano je javno predavanje

prof. dr. sc. Peggy Levitt (Department of Sociology, Wellesley College, Wellesley, SAD)


u četvrtak, 30. ožujka 2017. godine u Konferencijskoj dvorani Knjižnice Filozofskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu.

Sažetak predavanja: Social welfare has long been considered something which states provide to their citizens. Yet today 220 million people live in a country in which they do not hold citizenship. How are people on the move protected and provided for in the contemporary global context? Have institutional sources of social welfare begun to cross borders to meet the needs of individuals who live transnational lives? In this talk, I propose a transnational social protection (TSP) research agenda designed to map the kinds of protections which exist for people on the move, determine how these protections travel across borders, and analyze variations in access to these protections. I define TSP; introduce the heuristic tool of a “resource environment” to map and analyze variations in TSP over time, through space, and across individuals; and provide empirical examples demonstrating the centrality of TSP for scholars of states, social welfare, development, and migration.

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PEGGY LEVITT is Professor of Sociology at Wellesley College and a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations. She is also the co-director of the Transnational Studies Initiative at Harvard. Her new book, Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display was published by the University of California Press in July of 2015.

Peggy Levitt was a Robert Schuman Fellow at the European University Institute in Summer 2015 and the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies’ Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the American University of Cairo in March 2015. In 2014, she received an Honorary Doctoral Degree from Maastricht University, held the Astor Visiting Professorship at Oxford University, and was a guest professor at the University of Vienna. She was a Senior Visiting Scholar at the Universities of Deusto (Bilbao), Latvia, and Valencia in 2013, the Visiting International Fellow at the Vrije University in Amsterdam from 2010-2012 and the Willie Brandt Guest Professor at the University of Malmö in 2009. She received an Ethel-Jane Westfelt Bunting Fellowship from the School for Advanced Research in 2010. The MacArthur Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Social Science Research Council have all supported her work.

Her books include Religion on the Edge (Oxford University Press, 2012), God Needs No Passport: Immigrants and the Changing American Religious Landscape (New Press, 2007), The Transnational Studies Reader (Routledge, 2007), The Changing Face of Home: The Transnational Lives of the Second Generation (Russell Sage, 2002), and The Transnational Villagers (UC Press, 2001). She has also edited special volumes of Racial and Ethnic Studies, International Migration Review, Global Networks, Mobilities, and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. A film based on her work, Art Across Borders, came out in 2009.

Her current research examines global citizenship and global social protection. In a world on the move, how are people protected and provided for outside the traditional framework of the nation-state? Where do the values, skills and political agendas come from that enable us to embrace diversity next door and across the globe?

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