Study visit of Jasna Čapo to United Kingdom

Jasna Čapo was on a study visit to UK in September 2018. She attended lectures, workshops and conferences related to issues of (alternative) ethnographic research of cities, urban regeneration and design and comparative studies of world cities. She participated in a workshop linked with the exibition “Conflicts of an Urban Age” (organized by ARUP and LSE Cities). She encountered colleagues who study urban issues at the University of Westminster; University College London (Urban Laboratory); London School of Economics, University of Oxford Brookes; University of East London. She also took part in walking tours of literary London at night (led by M. Beaumont, UCL) and an architectural walking tour of Southbank. Dr. Georgia Butina Watson (University of Oxford Brookes), who is consultant on a major urban regeneration project of Milton Keynes, took her on a walking tour of that city.


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