The book “Thinking Ethnographically” has been published

The book „Thinking Ethnographically. Qualitative Strategies and Methods in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology“, co-authored by Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, Tihana Rubić and Sanja Potkonjak, has been published (in Croatian). The book represents the first attempt to systemize knowledge and research competencies related to five qualitative methodological strategies: phenomenology, grounded theory, affect theory, autoethnography, feminist ethnography. The authors discuss ways to apply those methods in ethnology and cultural anthropology, but also in humanities and social sciences in general. Their aim was to create an original and easily accessible book useful for students enrolled in university programmes, but also to produce a referential scientific text on methodological issues in Croatian ethnology and cultural anthropology. For that purpose, the authors present, discuss and problematize relevant ethnological and cultural anthropological research practices on the global scale, and bring them in relation with case studies conducted by Croatian ethnologists and cultural anthropologists.

The book publishers are: the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, FF Press and Croatian Ethnological Society (hed-biblioteka).

About the book (in croatian language).

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