Tihana Rubić’ lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

Tihana Rubić delivered a lecture “Production of crisis vs. practices and survival strategies” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb on 15 October 2016. The lecture relates to Kristina Leko’s actual exhibition “Kako živi narod – izvještaj o pasivnosti” (How people live – Report on passivity). With reference to the Rudolf Bićanić’s thesis and research done in 1930s, the presentation will outline and problematize ethnological and cultural anthropological approaches to the topics and the concepts of crisis and survival. In addition to the display of ethnological and cultural anthropological discourse and research approaches to socio-economic issue, attention will be focused on the understanding of the heterogeneity of experience and understandings of the crisis and survival in the past and contemporary (Croatian) everyday life, relating to the deep-rooted symbolic motifs of “ordinary people” and “survival”.

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